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The Big Picture – Why Get Streetwise? Why Now?

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As a Specialist Contractor you are one the construction industry’s entrepreneurs. You make things happen, you take all the risks, and incur all the costs, and it’s no exaggeration to say that without you nothing would ever get built!

The Entrepreneurial life is ultimately about one thing: Freedom. The freedom to do what you want, where and when you want. The freedom that comes with financial success – and the freedom to be your own boss.

Unfortunately, most Specialist Contractors’ lives don’t contain much freedom. They’re full of struggle. Financial struggle, personal struggle, dealing with staff and suppliers struggle, getting paid from tight fisted Contractors struggle etc etc. It’s a long list.

Some of that struggle comes with the territory. Business success is not an overnight achievement. But much of the struggle is self – inflicted. It’s inflicted by trying to run a business without mastering the art and science of attracting and keeping customers, and the art and science of protecting your contractual interests and turning those jobs into profits.

In this economy, you’d better be willing to make a decision to do whatever it takes to master that art and science. If you’re not, I have absolutely no idea how to save you from stagnation and failure and going back to being an employee.

You don’t have to love marketing or the idea of it, to get good at it. You don’t have to love the legal jargon to get good at protecting your contractual interests. And you shouldn’t be shy about making as much money as possible for you and your family!

What we are going to share together is a means to an end: financial freedom for you and those you care about – and the opportunity to serve people with your product or service and be appropriately rewarded in return.

Gain access today to “Win Work-Get Paid-Make-Money” recorded live at the exclusive StreetwiseSubbie Conference July 2015.

Hear our experts' most important ideas for the success of your Specialist Contracting business!

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Everything Specialist Sub-Contractors Need To Know About

"Winning Work", "Getting Paid" and "Making Money"

Keynote Speaker – Gordon Bromley (CEO The Academy of Chief Executives)

The man who built Tropicana Fruit Juice to £150m from a standing start!

"Growth, Performance and Profitability – Make it Happen!"

When it comes to business Gordon is a self-confessed "performance junkie" with passionate beliefs about what does and doesn’t work when it comes to growing a Specialist Contracting business.

His success formula is not rocket science:

In this fast paced, interactive and challenging workshop Gordon pulls no punches in defining the business leadership’s role in overcoming the problems and blockages that inevitably arise and leading the Must Win Battles through "walking the talk" themselves.

The workshop draws on Gordon’s personal experience of successfully leading high performance cultures as well as featuring the recent case history experience of working with Panthera Group Ltd, a London based complete building site set up company and StreetwiseSubbie Gold Buddy.

Dirty Tricks That Stop You Getting Paid and Making Money!

Barry J Ashmore Dip Law Dip Arb FCIArb MCMi Managing Director StreetwiseSubbie.com

Barry is a co-founder of StreetwiseSubbie and Ashmore Consulting and specialises in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution exclusively for Specialist Contractors.

Barry will reveal the dirty tricks that the Contractors use to stop you getting paid and making money, and show you just how easy it is to spot them, and more importantly, overcome them.

Most Contractors are struggling to make money. Don’t let them steal yours!

What’s Marketing Got To Do With It?

Geoff Noake Director StreetwiseSubbie.com

Geoff is a co-founder of StreetwiseSubbie and specialises in creating marketing campaigns for small to medium sized businesses especially Specialist Contractors.

Be careful what you wish for! Because whether you like it or not your marketing (or lack of it) will determine whether or not you will be "Winning Work-Getting Paid and Making Money".

With lessons from the front line Geoff Noake will reveal how to ensure you get more from those who can help you find more business.

'Eavesdrop' on StreetwiseSubbie's top experts as they reveal their most valuable business ideas

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How We Do It - Real Life Lessons About Making Money!

David Galavan is the Commercial Director for Prater Ltd a well-known Envelope contractor which operates nationally in the UK, Prater has a turnover of circa £90m.

David reveals the real life lessons learned about Making Money, as they grew from a £10m annual turnover to an £80m annual turnover.

Once you have heard what David has to say, you will never again fall into the trap of thinking; "we could never do that!"

In a ‘two-horse race’, how do you ensure YOU win?

Rachael Dines Chartered Marketer and PR Professional provides marketing and public relations to SMEs and works with South East based StreetwiseSubbie Buddies.

What is effective marketing, and why are so many Specialist Contractors so bad at it?

Rachael shows you how effective marketing puts you ahead of your competition.

Insurance Can’t Help Me Make Money - Or Can It?

Mike Dickinson is the Sales and Marketing Director of Russell Scanlan and one of the leading and most respected insurance professionals acting for clients throughout the UK.

Let’s face it insurance isn’t the most exciting of subjects, but finding out you’ve got it wrong can certainly get your heart racing!

Mike explains exactly how getting the wrong insurance at the wrong price is the worst of all worlds. Whilst getting it right goes straight to the bottom line.

As he says professionals are expensive but amateurs could cost you your business!

Watch all this at your leisure and kick start your success today ...

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Taming Your “Get The Job Done” Brigade

Mike Grant is a former Commercial Director of a group of Specialist Contracting companies. He now runs his own contractual consultancy helping StreetwiseSubbie Buddies get paid and make money!

"Get the job done, get the job done, get the job done!" If that is the only way your team thinks then you will never make any money, and you will probably struggle to get paid too!

Mike draws on his many years of practical experience of taming his own “Get The Job Done” Brigade, to show you how not to fall into that trap!

It’s the way you tell ‘em!

Kirsten Howells has worked both in-house and in agencies in the UK and abroad devising and implementing award-winning PR, integrated marketing and social media campaigns for a wide variety of private, public and third sector clients.

Kirsten will be revealing the Work Winning Secrets of public relations for Specialist Contractors.

Public relations isn’t just for big corporations. Planned PR will determine why customers should choose you!

Lawyers – Money Grabbing Parasites? – Or An Essential Part of Your Team?

As you might expect, expert Construction Solicitor Richard Brackenbury has a few thoughts on this subject!

In his presentation Richard has shared the real life examples of how Specialist Contractors have benefitted from Richard’s expertise and this will probably surprise you. Particularly the bit about how having a solicitor on your team can be very cost effective!

"Google it"

What that really means for YOUR business. And why even a half decent web designer might be getting this wrong!

Tony Rand explains recent developments at Google and how to stop your web site disappearing!

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These are the kind of speakers and ideas most Specialist Contractors will simply never get access to.

And they are their very best marketing and contractual ideas for 2015 and beyond. If you could have got your hands on a ticket for this exclusive event, it could have cost you £250.

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And you'll have the advantage of being able to pause, rewind and take notes at any point in any presentation.

You can watch the presentations over the course of a few days, or binge watch the whole thing in a day. Once you have access, it's entirely up to you.

In many respects, it's even better than being there on the day

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